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Calgary Subcontractors have feelings too: Focusing on Their Expertise for Superior Results.

As a general contracting company dedicated to delivering high-quality home improvement projects, we believe in creating a seamless and efficient process for both homeowners and subcontractors. In our blog today, we'll showcase how we work with our subcontractors, allowing them to concentrate solely on their expertise, while we handle the rest.

The first video in this blog is an example of how we enhance site access for efficient installations. At this project in NE Calgary, Our subcontractors were looking at installing two mini-split heat pumps in the attic. We understand both the importance of minimal disruption to homeowners' living spaces and the need for ease of access for subcontractors. Thus were decided that by accessing the attic from the exterior, we eliminate the need to work around stairwells and doors and living quarters, preserving the comfort of the household. Now we do not leave this up to the subcontractor to sort out, we came out and took care of setting up and securing scaffolding in advance, so our subcontractors can jump straight into their work without wasting time on preparations. We have done similar things at jobs where the new system allows for the removal of existing roof ventilation where we will open a hatch directly in the roof. We then prep and cover this hatch each evening so that out subcontractors can access the attic directly through the roof rather than going through the household. Easier access for subcontractors and less hassle for home owners.

This next video is a view from the same job in the interior of the attic. Here you can see the insulation team's hose coming through our access in the soffit. We had this insulation removed so that, as you can see in the third video, our HVAC, pluming and electrical subcontractors had an open and clear area of work. This is an example of how we creating workspaces that streamline the efforts of our subcontractors.

We recognize that subcontractors are professionals in their respective fields, and it is that expertise for which we are hiring them. This is why we relieve them of the burden of site preparation, jobsite protection, and project cleanup. By creating a clean, clear, and easily accessible workspace, we remove

the hassle from their work. This approach allows them to focus solely on their field and not only saves their time but keeps them happy and can also translate in to better cost savings for homeowners and enhanced quality in the work produced.

At Borle Bros. Contracting Corp., we pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative environment where subcontractors can thrive in their expertise. We enable our subcontractors to channel all their energy into delivering exceptional results. The outcome? Satisfied homeowners, efficient projects, and a seamless process that benefits everyone involved. Whether you are a homeowner looking to do a renovation or a subcontractor looking to take some of the burden from your jobs, join us in our mission to create exceptional home improvements, one specialized trade at a time.

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